Our WorkFlow

We offer full-cycle product engineering services: from idea exploration to implementation and support. Our product development process is based on the Kanban method and Lean principles.


During the Discovery phase, our team identifies key product requirements and priorities. We ask questions about the current state of your business, analyse your challenges, and map out where you want to end up. We'll work with you to define goals, build a list of desired features, and discuss how the product should be structured.

What happens

  • Introduction call
  • Requirements collection & analysis
  • Project scope clarification
  • Approximate time & budget estimate


  • Help internal stakeholders define a scope of works
  • Find a mutual understanding of how a product should look
  • Gain confidence we’re heading in the right direction


Once everyone is on the same page, we can provide you with a final quote and prepare legal documents. While legal teams review contract details, we create a work schedule and allocate our team members. We also give you an overview of the development process so that you know what to expect along the way.

What happens

  • Picking a billing model
  • Quote and timelines
  • Team allocation
  • Client onboarding
  • Contract signing


  • Plan and organise resources to complete a project
  • Go through all required legal procedures
  • Explain basics of Agile development to a client


After the Production phase begins, we update you each week on our progress and provide full transparency into the status of every task. As an Agile engineering-driven company, we handle all product development steps and quickly deliver quality solutions to the market.

What happens

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Milestone planning and roadmap validation
  • Product design & development
  • Project management
  • Quality Assurance (QA)


  • Set up project tracking, communication, and testing tools
  • Design and develop a product in line with project specifications
  • Ensure a product works as expected


At this stage, your product has been developed and is ready to be launched. You can now deploy it yourself, or we can help you to go through the entire process. And after the project ends, you'll get complete ownership of the source code and all rights to the project IP.

What happens

  • Publishing an app on the stores or website deployment
  • Transfer of source code ownership
  • Finalising project documentation and closing


  • Launch a product on the market
  • Document outcomes in a project completion report
  • Accept deliverables and sign closing documents


Our team of product engineers can integrate new features, optimise existing features, and ensure your product continues to operate at its best. We keep products evergreen and scalable, which helps to reduce your long-term costs and maintenance as your business grows.

What happens

  • Ongoing support of the post-launch product
  • Design and development of new features
  • Performance optimisation


  • Make certain a product stays relevant and competitive
  • Keep users satisfied with the product quality
  • Meet emerging requirements for products: from data protection laws to app store guidelines

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