We help businesses of all sizes to grow

We partner with startups, scaleups and SMB to help them build new products from scratch or drive innovation in existing ones. With us, you can expand into new markets, increase your online presence, and boost profits.

Who we are

Quality Wolves is a remote-first team that shares one mission: to build the best products, services and experiences. We're committed to help other people and companies do amazing things with technology.

Our main advantage is in our people. And we only hire Senior developers to ensure extra agility, faster time to market, and excellent quality.

And we put tons of passion into everything we do. Our team loves connecting people and technologies, and we're experts at making things work.

The Quality Wolves team has created mobile, web, and hardware solutions used by millions of users worldwide. Our engineers have mastered a wide range of technologies to make sure you can get all you might need in one place. You can rely on us to help you build a full product without switching between companies and increasing the risk of failure.

We aim to empower our clients through innovative solutions tailored for your business needs. Sometimes a business is just one product away from success. We make that product.

Why we prefer outsourcing

Of course, launching your own startups is exciting. But we love outsourcing. It's a great opportunity to learn more about different business fields and industries.

And it helps us to find more people who have a lot of experience and share our itch to explore new things.

Further, we like new ideas. And often, the most promising idea just needs a little boost to get off the ground. That's where we come in. Our team can transform your ideas into real, investable products.

We're excited to see our projects go from ideation to a successful product launch. Our team delivers projects on time and implement your ideas as if they're our own. And we build products to last and delight their users.

outsourcing vs launching a startup

How we work

Cooperation is part of our DNA, so we go to great lenghts to ensure products match your vision and requirements. Our team works with you right through ideation, design, development, launch and beyond. We want you to succeed, and we're ready to be there for you all the way through.

Flexible agile team

We create workflows that are based on Lean principles and centred around your business processes. Our practices ensure top quality and focus on business value.

Project management

We assign our product success unit for a project start. After that, our project manager will be in charge of all coordination, documentation, and accounting.

Transparent progress

Our project managers will keep you informed and update the project information in task trackers. You can always check what is happening at the moment.

SOW + kanban

We take care of a Scope of Works for your project and translate it to a Kanban board. This visual system makes the development process more predictable and efficient.

Weekly commitments

We can have weekly meetings to review updates and goals, answer questions that have surfaced between sessions, and discuss next steps.

Contact via messengers

We can use Slack, Telegram, or any other popular messenger to stay in touch during work on your project. We're always just a message away.

CET timezone

Our HQ is in Siberia, but we're used to working with teams across time zones — making us an ideal partner for outsourcing projects anywhere in the world.

Fluent English

The whole team speaks English. This enables us to communicate faster with our clients and give direct input from both project managers and developers.

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Our processes



We delve into the vision and goals of the project, review its requirements and create a project scope.



Our skilled team of designers, developers, and project managers takes care of every step.



Our developers know how to avoid bugs due to their experience but don't skip this step anyway.



We ensure your product meets all possible requirements and help you to ship it.

We're awesome, and here's the evidence

"I must stress how much I am impressed with their scrutinizing approach, they're always seeking for ways to optimize the product.

A one-of-a-kind, highly efficient team."
client photo
Gijs-Jan van het Kaar
Founder at Shifter.nl
"Our work was very swift and productive. Time to market was just 1 month, and my product ready in only three weeks. I have never in my career worked with such a competent and agile team."
client photo
Tobias Hamann
Founder at Complero
"We're thrilled!

The Quality Wolves guys are unbelievable, they actually produced some of the solutions in a matter of hours, while your regular developer teams may take a week to come up with something similar."
client photo
Kyle Golsch
CEO & CTO at Sage Lab
"Quality Wolves built the best app on the market. Hands down.

Vlad cared for my project like it was his own baby. The result was brilliantly professional and plain delightful. Highly recommend."
client photo
Tural Bayev

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