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03 Sep 2021


Google Play has introduced a new method for gathering feedback for published apps

Ratings and reviews provide an important channel for communication between you and your app users. Google Play has recently introduced a native prompt, similar to the Review Request feature on the App Store.

Get a sneak peak at this new feature from the Android Developers Blog:

native android review popup

The in-app review can be triggered at any moment. However, it's important to be mindful of the user's experience and avoid disrupting their flow. A frustrated user is more likely to leave a negative review. Instead, try to identify a moment when the user is feeling happy and satisfied. For example, after they successfully completed a challenging level in the game.

The In-app Review API is a part of the Play Core library. The feature can be accessed on devices with Android 5.0 or higher, which covers most Android devices globally.

Here's how the process of requesting a review goes:
1. Find out the best moment to ask for a review
2. Request the API to prompt an in-app
3. Launch the In-app Review
4. Continue the flow after a user interacted with the in-app

For more information on optimising ratings and reviews, check out our article on App Store Optimisation.

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