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iOS development
Publishing on the App Store

The client is a crypto startup from the US. The project is a crypto trading app that connects multiple crypto exchanges and aims to get the best deals.

It started as a web app, and the client was looking to increase the engagement of the existing user base and bring in more new users. After conducting user research, the client decided they needed an iOS app. As the company didn’t have in-house iOS developers, they chose our team to create a client application on top of a fully developed backend system.

Most web app users have experience in crypto trading. By contrast, the app target audience was intended to mostly engage users from two categories:
a) people with no prior experience in exchanging cryptocurrencies;
b) retail investors that prefer long-term investments and don’t dive too deep into trading strategies.

These groups of users usually trade from their smartphones and mostly base their investing decisions on high-level reports. So, the app had to provide just enough data while doing its best to not overwhelm users.
And though the core audience was quite forgiving in terms of functionality, it was still necessary to quickly update the data. Cryptocurrencies are more volatile than stocks, and it’s important to keep an eye on changes.


Our team developed a native iOS app that helps users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies,  monitor their assets, and check the situation on the market.
We outlined the list of necessary financial reports together with the client. To shortlist reports, we used competitor analysis, the expertise of our client, and user research results. The TradingView library powers the reports, providing the app with lightweight yet informative charts.

To quickly update data, we implemented WebSockets.

The app has light and dark themes to minimise eyestrain.

During the development phase, the following technical solutions were implemented: the frontend using native iOS frameworks, the TradingView library, WebSockets API, and Facebook SDK.


Users can quickly check how their portfolio is doing right from the main screen.

  • Portfolio Monitoring & Analytics
  • Assets Breakdown by Currency
  • Transactions History


Users can get a real-time view of the latest market action and switch between visualisation methods and colour schemes.

  • Historical Data
  • Sentiment Indicators
  • Chart Customisation

Tech stack

The most popular programming language for iOS and other Apple products.
A library that supports all popular methods of financial data visualisation.
WebSockets API
A protocol that provides full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection.

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