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MUFU creates a safe environment for music lessons

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MuFu is a New York City-based software startup that is dedicated to making musical education for children seamless and accessible. The founders of MuFu wanted to develop an app that would provide a one-stop solution for parents, kids, and tutors to learn music in a safe and productive environment.

The main challenge was to develop a platform that would offer parents and music tutors a secure and productive space for online music lessons. The app had to be designed to enable a transparent learning process, with robust parental controls to ensure the safety of children. In addition, it needed to provide tutors with learning management tools and a secure payment system.

To address the challenges faced by MuFu, our team worked closely with the founders to understand their vision and the specific requirements of their target audience.

Our project manager analysed the requirements, created the roadmap, and set up the necessary tools to track progress. We assigned mobile and web developers to the project and followed an Agile development process using uTrack and Slack to track tasks and communicate with the client.

To create a safe and effective education platform, our developers used video conferencing tools and secure payment processing. The app provides a marketplace where parents can find a tutor for their child, and tutors can create a profile and receive requests. The parent-tutor chat allows for easy communication to schedule lessons, and the learning management system allows for easy scheduling and homework tracking. The video lesson module is accessible on iOS devices or any web browser, and the feedback system allows for teachers to provide feedback to parents or both parents and children.

We also developed an admin console for MuFu to gather and control user data.

The end result exceeded the expectations of the MuFu team and provided a valuable solution for parents, children, and music teachers.

Lesson streaming

The feature allows students to join live online classes with their tutors from anywhere in the world.

  • Clear Instrument Sound
  • Covert Lesson Observation for Parents
  • Lesson Chat

Tutor Marketplace

Parents can find certified music tutors for their children in the marketplace and schedule lessons via chats.

  • Tutor Profiles
  • Marketplace Filters
  • Messenger

Tech stack

The most popular programming language for iOS and other Apple products.
An open-source technology for real-time communication over the internet.
A cloud communications platform for messaging, voice, and video apps.
A powerful, secure, and easy-to-use payment processing platform for businesses.
A calendar app developed by Apple for macOS and iOS operating systems.
Core Data
A framework that saves app data for offline use, caches temp data, and adds undo.
Facebook SDK
An SDK that enables such features as login, analytics, and post sharing via FB.
Python + Django
A powerful tech combo for creating web apps with clean design & robust tools.
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