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The client is an education startup from the UK. The company previously used Zoom to host workshops but wasn’t satisfied with the workflow and lack of automation. They also wanted users to watch workshops, check workshop schedules, and receive notifications in one place.

To check the hypothesis that switching to a custom solution would increase the conversion to payment, the client decided to develop an iOS app. They found us through a recommendation of another client.


Workshops require high-quality video streaming to ensure that users from all over the world can get a great experience. Constant disconnects and poor streaming quality are the primary reasons why people uninstall streaming apps.

Another thing the client wanted to improve was browsing workshops. As the quantity of workshops increased, users struggled to find something they might like. The client asked us to create a recommendation system based on previous activities.


We used WebRTC and Kurento to implement video streaming. This combination helps to achieve the lowest-latency streaming, supports group communications out of the box, and easily adapts audio and video to different devices.

To help users navigate workshops, we implemented categories by interests and a recommendation algorithm. We also addressed user feedback and visually separated upcoming workshops from ongoing ones.

The MVP version for iOS was created in 6 weeks.

During the development phase, we completed the frontend using native iOS frameworks, implemented WebRTC together with Kurento, as well as the Firebase backend and Facebook SDK. Our team also worked on the admin web interface that allows for monitoring metrics and data management.


Users can find ongoing and upcoming workshops and filter them by categories and dates.

  • Workshop Categories
  • Workshop Schedule
  • Recommendations


Users can watch workshops, communicating with workshop hosts via chats.

  • Audio and Video Streaming
  • Live Chat
  • Workshop Creation & Administration

Tech stack

The most popular programming language for iOS and other Apple products.
A technology that enables real-time transfer of audio, video, and data.
A WebRTC media server and a set of client APIs. Its wide set of features enables high-quality streaming.

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