We cover news and best practices in software engineering, product development, project management, design & marketing.
Designing user experiences using CJM and user flows
Understanding user needs and behaviours through visualisations
Product Development Cycle. Part II
Crafting an MVP: how to bring your product to market
Product Development Cycle. Part I
Testing the feasibility of a product idea
How to publish an app on the App Store
Step-by-step guide on preparing an iOS app for publication
Native Web AR for iOS: what is possible with AR Quick Look
How to create AR experiences without apps or 3rd party frameworks
How to connect phones to cars via Bluetooth
Using K-Line and CAN protocols to create awesome driving experiences
Time & Material vs Fixed Price contracts
Differences between billing models used for software development projects
Native In-app reviews for Android are finally here!
A new method for gathering feedback about Android apps without 3rd party solutions
What is App Store Optimization?
Essential step in app marketing that's often missed
Product Development Glossary
The list of terms used in product development
Augmented Reality on mobile
Adoption rates, mobile frameworks, and practical use
The App Store Small Business Program reduces fees to 15%
For developers earning less than $1M per year

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